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About Virtual Career & Adulting Day

Due to COVID-19 and school closure, we were unable to host our 2nd annual Career & Adulting Day. Though nothing can substitute for this hands-on experience, we want to still give students the opportunity to learn life skills they may need in their lives after high school. With that said, Welcome to our virtual Career & Adulting day experience!

Starting April 1st, each day (Mon-Fri) there will be a new showcased Career & “Adulting” skill for students to learn more about. We encourage students and families use this as a opportunity to try these things at home as well! The resources we provide will give an overview of each of these skills and careers, but by all means, dig in and practice these skills at home and/or dive deeper into these fields .

Though social distancing is not ideal for many right now, it is also the perfect time to learn these skills with the help and supervision of parents, siblings and other adults that may be home with you. This day was designed for high school students, but the whole family is welcome to participate and join in!

Throughout this virtual experience we will be using the hashtag #VirtualAdultingDay. We would love to see you doing these things at home! So post on your social media and we will highlight your experience for our Winfield High School Community.

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Featured Videos 

Each day a new Career & Life Skill will be featured. To view previous videos, explore our Adulting Day Activities & Careers Tabs. Don't forget to use our #VirtualAdultingDay to share your experience during our Virtual Career & Adulting Days


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Now that you've learned about a new career and life skill, visit our 'Get Connected' page to learn more, ask questions and interact with others.


One of the greatest struggles of becoming an adult is figuring out what you want to do and what makes you happy. The courageous thing is to stick with it and see it through and see if you were correct.

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